The Dragon Tapestries

The new series!

The Dragon Amulet
The first in the series.

Meet Cadi as she journeys through time to realise her calling as a dragon keeper, discovers more about herself than she would ever has wished, and finds the true magic of dragon breath. And, falls in love with an immortal being.

A short taster:

It was twilight, that soft evening light of late September. Cadi walked along the lane, looking for bats and maybe the last of the summer swallows.

Orson ran alongside, stopping to sniff at the long grass verges. Occasionally scaring a field mouse with his canine nose entering its tiny world.

Cadi reached for the amulet, wondering at the heat it was emitting. Was that the dragon breath warming the stone or just the latent heat of the day?

She still wasn’t very good at this, and knew the dangers of mistakes. They had already cost one life.