Animals Healing Humans

Sharing the stories of how people benefit from the therapeutic contact of animals, especially dogs and horses. This book also explains how you can get involved and experience animal healing for yourself, or family and friends.

Discover the profound healing power of animals in this captivating exploration of the bond between humans and their furry companions. Dive deep into illustrated case studies and heartfelt testimonies that showcase the transformative effects of therapeutic interactions with animals, particularly dogs and horses.

I’m writing a non-fiction book (Animals Healing Humans) that shows how animal therapy offers solace to people grappling with emotional and psychological challenges, such as anxiety and depression, and living with mental challenges such as dementia.

The book is designed for a diverse audience, from curious readers to industry professionals. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how animals enrich our lives. It equips readers with practical tools and resources to integrate animal therapy into personal and community settings, making it an invaluable guide for families, retirement homes and educational institutions.

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