I’m Ffion Llwyd-Jones (@animalcompanion), and I’m a self-employed writer, editor, and author. My mission is to help people find a connection with other animals and discover how we can all work together for the better good.

What I write about:
I write features about technology, health, automotive, and the environment.
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I also help companies develop communication strategies, including words and images for newsletters, e-magazines, and social media.
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What I do as an editor:
As an editor, I love reworking complex articles to make them clearer and more informative for the reader. The type of editing ranges from copyediting to substantive editing, and documents range from interntaional reports, to white papers and financial documents.

The books I’m writing:
Animal Allies: Healing humans through connection
Discover the profound healing power of animals in this captivating exploration of the bond between humans and their furry companions. Dive deep into illustrated case studies and heartfelt testimonies that showcase the transformative effects of therapeutic interactions with animals, particularly dogs and horses.
This book sheds light on how animal therapy offers solace to those grappling with emotional and psychological challenges, such as anxiety and depression.
Designed for a diverse audience, from curious readers to professionals, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of how animals enrich our lives. It equips readers with practical tools and resources to integrate animal therapy into personal and community settings, making it an invaluable guide for families, retirement homes, and educational institutions.
Featuring insights from renowned experts, up-to-date research findings, and a directory to organizations like Riding for the Disabled, this book serves as both an informative resource and a testament to the healing potential of animals. The digital edition further enhances the experience with engaging short videos.
With a friendly, ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ approach, this book, spanning an estimated 70-90,000 words, delves into the interconnectedness of animals, humans, and the environment. It emphasizes the mutual lessons we can draw from each other, especially in these ever-changing times, highlighting the importance of coexistence and understanding.
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Time Dragons: the Celtic Love Chronicles
This fiction story is all about dragons, time travel and Celtic mystery. And a love story:)

I’d love to chat: email me: ffion@fljmedia.com or call/text me: +44 (0)7546 108 195